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We'll help your cat feel at home

Cawthorne Cat Hotel has been designed to be as home-like as possible.  All our decorated rooms are beautifully furnished with beds, activity trees, and “human” chairs, but there is plenty of space for you to bring toys, beds, and furnishings from home as well, to help your cat settle in.  You are welcome to take as much time as you like settling your cat when you arrive, and we’ll help you arrange their room just the way they’d like it.  We play relaxing music at various times during the day.

We love toys and playtimes

Because we are small, we can provide lots of individual attention and playtimes.  We have a wide range of toys available and change them around during your cat’s stay to keep things interesting.

We love cuddles and brushing,too

We’ll be delighted to cuddle your cat just as much, or as little, as they’d like.  We also brush cats that enjoy this daily.  It can be a nice way for some cats to relax and enjoy human contact. 

If you would like your cat to be professionally groomed during their stay we can take them to our partner salon who offer a full range of services.  Please contact us for more details.

We feed your cat's usual food

Tasty treats, and the same food that your cats are used to at home, are all included.  We’ll check what food brands and flavours your cats like when you book, so we can be sure we have them in stock.  If your cat is on a prescription or breed specific diet, you’ll need to bring it with you.  Meals are served twice a day, or more often if that’s what your cat needs. 

We check your cat frequently

The health and wellbeing of all guests is checked several times throughout the day.  Any signs that they are unhappy or unwell will be picked up on immediately.  If your cat does become unwell during their stay, we will immediately refer them either to your vet (if they are in our local area), or to our own vet, who is just down the road and on 24 hour standby.

We'll look after your cat's individual needs

Is your cat timid?  Elderly?  Super sociable?  Are they watching their weight?  Are they on medication?  Don’t worry, we know that all cats have individual needs and we like to get to know them so we can ensure all cats have a happy stay. 

We can also administer your cat’s medication according to your vet’s instructions.

Your cats are in safe hands

We maintain strict hygiene procedures to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of infectious diseases between cats.  All rooms, soft furnishings, and toys are disinfected between cats using a veterinary grade disinfectant.  We only accept cats who have up to date vaccinations against cat flu and feline infectious enteritis.

We'll keep in touch

We'll give you regular updates during your cat's stay via email or social media to let you know how they are settling in.


Cawthorne Cat Hotel's new building is part funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: 

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We love toys and playtimes