Your cats will feel at home in 


Our rooms are designed to be as cosy and homelike as possible, without compromising on hygiene and safety
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At more than 1½ times bigger than standard boarding cattery "pens", our rooms really are human-sized.  Our double rooms are suitable for 1-2 cats to share and our even bigger family rooms are suitable for up to 4 cats from the same family.  Each room is divided into separate bedroom and playroom areas.  We've got plenty of room for shelves, furniture and toys, and anything you'd like to bring from home.  Each room is a relaxing and light-filled space, filled with natural textures, large windows and cosy nooks that are perfect for cat-napping.  

Family rooms have two windows offering a choice of views, and lots of different spots to sleep and play, so that all your cats can find their own space. 

For even more space, you can book two interconnecting double rooms, or for families of up to 6 cats, interconnecting family and double rooms.




Our rooms have underfloor heating throughout, and our specially designed building is insulated to the same standard as a new build home, ensuring that a minimum temperature of 18°C is maintained all year round.  Our ventilation system supplies clean fresh country air to every room.  



Most cats love a view, and we've designed our whole building with this in mind.  Our rooms face south or east so they catch the sun.  Each room has a large window overlooking the garden, with countryside views beyond, and deep windowsills to lounge on.  A cat flap through the top part of the window gives access to a large private outdoor balcony.  This is a wonderful place to for cats to soak up the sun and sniff the air, whilst remaining safe and secure. The balconies are sheltered from the elements so cats can enjoy fresh air all year round. 


Our rooms provide lots of opportunities for climbing, playing, and exercise. The cosy sleeping area has solid oak shelves at different heights for lounging on, a sunny window seat with a view of the courtyard garden, and handmade pine beds with patchwork quilts for cuddling up.  We provide hidey beds for shy cats and they'll also love our high climbing shelves.  The open plan exercise area is furnished with a elegant climbing furniture. We provide a great range of toys, and change them around during your cat's stay to keep things interesting.  


 Our rooms and furnishings are designed to be as cosy and homelike as possible, but without compromising on cleanliness.  You'll find that as well as being comfortable and welcoming, they are immaculately clean.  Hygienic wall cladding and ceramic tiled floors are cleaned and disinifected between guests.  Even our gorgeous wallpaper is laminated and steam cleanable.  All re-useable toys, soft furnishings, and bedding are washed and disinfected between cats. We do not use any fixed upholstery or carpet that cannot be adequately cleaned.  Our ventilation system ensures a supply of clean fresh country air to every room, with individual extraction so even the air from different rooms doesn't mix..